September 8, 2011 in All, tPROE

Machine District

After the critically acclaimed Babylon album and the dark ambient album Solipsism, tPROE is back on the forefront of industrial music with the new album Machine District. Though not a concept album like the previous ones, this album does fit in well with the critical, libertarian and transhumanist views tPROE is known for. Machine District holds 12 tracks, with a lot stompey 4 to the floor technoid industrial tracks, but also some surprises like the Skinny Puppy meets George Clinton track "Automation test", the Witchhouse from "Stay behind", which was written together with Dead Hand Projekt, and distorted dancehall and noisy drum & bass. All in all Machine District combines the rich experimental sound of Babylon with the sheer stompathon of Singularity without giving in to the bad hardstyle which is mistaken for industrial nowadays. Machine District will be a treat for all those who like their industrial harsh, painfull and rude. tPROE goes beyond man-machine and chooses the machine as the future. The soundtrack for a world where skynet or the cylons are the masters.

Track List:

  1. Wake Induced

  2. Dreadnought

  3. Automation Test

  4. Deathstar

  5. Burn Them All

  6. Stay Behind (feat. Dead Hand Projekt)

  7. The Rebellion

  8. Disko Neubauten

  9. Centurion

  10. Shake It

  11. Amoklauf

  12. Welcome To The Machine

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