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We Had A Carnival

Emerging from the Russian industrial underground and exploding onto the scene comes the trio Sleetgrout with their debut full-length "We Had a Carnival". Following up on the Sleetgrout's successful EPs Rotten Reverie and Principles of Dark Electro, We Had a Carnival demonstrates the next step in their evolution. Full of complex melodies to full aggression, We Had a Carnival has something for everyone. From dance floor mainstays like “Trick or Threat” with its infectious melodies to the aggrotech hit “Get Rid of This Life”, We Had a Carnival grabs a hold of your senses and shakes them to the core.

It does not stop there. We had a Carnival tackles Hardstyle and will beat you into submission with the track “Hell”. We Had a Carnival demonstrates a fun quirky side of the band with the track “Dance Like Joke”. All backed by heavily distorted vocals that will make any fan of Harsh EBM or even Dark Electro take notice. Appearing on We Had a Carnival are remixes by some of the scene's top talent like Aesthetic Perfection, Nitro/Noise, Detroit Diesel, and SIN D.N.A. We Had a Carnival is being released by Vendetta Music and will be available worldwide.

We Had a Carnival—it’s not a party for the faint of heart!

Track List:

  1. Get Rid Of This Life

  2. Go To Heaven

  3. Trick Or Threat

  4. Let’s Talk About Life

  5. Stay (feat. Damien Marquez)

  6. Feel Me Twice

  7. Dance Like Joke

  8. We Had A Carnival

  9. Results

  10. Hell

  11. Sleetgrout

  12. Get Rid Of This Life (Aesthetic Perfection Remix)*

  13. Get Rid Of This Life (Nitro/Noise Remix)*

  14. Feel Me Twice (Detroit Diesel Remix)*

  15. Get Rid Of This Life (Sin D.N.A. Wants You Dead Remix)*

* Exclusive Bonus Tracks

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