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June 17, 201212 years ago

Nitronoise Total Nihilism Pre-Order

Nitronoise's new album Total Nihilism is now available for pre-order!

Hailing from Montreal, where they recently made their live debut at Kinetik 5 - with Total Nihilism. This stellar debut featuring former Detroit Diesel member Clutch, takes the sound palette of Detroit Diesel’s “Terre Humaine” plus equal parts Nachtmahr and Combichrist and throws some guitars into the mix for good measure. Heavy, dark & violent EBM that will dominate the Industrial underground dance floors.

This North American Version on Vendetta Music features exclusive remixes by Combichrist, Nachtmahr and SAM.

"Total Nihilism can only be described as an industrial leviathan that rages wildly, taking no prisoners with epic melodies, brutal electronic beats and songwriting with the deadly precision of a sniper rifle."

Thomas Rainerof Nachtmahr

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