E-Craft's brand new 2 CD album, Re-Arrested [ North American Edition ] now available!



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Elements of powernoise, industrial, IDM and hardcore techno merged into a new form. View Release →
Year: 2016  Code: VM0070  Format: CD, Digipak 

Re-Arrested [ North American Edition ]

Harsh electro shouts meet hard line EBM beats! View Release →
Year: 2014  Code: VM0069  Format: CD, Digipak 

Warlord Mentality

A crushing mix of rhythmic noise, dark ambient, power electronics, and harsh yet danceable industrial. View Release →
Year: 2014  Code: VM0068  Format: CD 

Shallow Graves

The dynamically powerful follow up to 2012's I, Omega. View Release →
Year: 2014  Code: VM0067  Format: CD, Digipak, Ltd Cassette 

Shallow Graves Ltd Cassette

Limited Edition Cassette version of [product]'s Shallow Graves. View Release →
Year: 2014  Code: VM0067C  Format: Ltd Cassette 


The fifth full-length release for Dead Hand Projekt. View Release →
Year: 2013  Code: VM0066  Format: CD, Jewel 

Spit The Poison Out

The new album from Spanish dark electro sensation Terrolokaust. View Release →
Year: 2013  Code: VM0063  Format: CD, Digipak, Ltd 


High-quality Electro-Industrial with a fearsome sonic punch. View Release →
Year: 2013  Code: VM0062  Format: CD, Digipak, Ltd 

We Had A Carnival

Sick Dark Electro with distorted vocals from Russia. View Release →
Year: 2013  Code: VM0061  Format: CD, Jewel, File, MP3 
in All, DYM

The Technocratic Deception

The second full-length album from this innovative Canadian electronic duo. View Release →
Year: 2013  Code: VM0060  Format: CD, Jewel 


Old-school industrial rock a la early Nine Inch Nails and Ministry. View Release →
Year: 2012  Code: VM0059  Format: CD, Digipak 

Five Year Plan

A daring and forward looking album bursting with hugely personal songs. View Release →
Year: 2012  Code: VM0058  Format: CD, Jewel