E-Craft's brand new 2 CD album, Re-Arrested [ North American Edition ] now available!



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ArtistsOfficial Vendetta Music Artists

Industrial music with strong Hardcore and Punk influences. Continue Reading →
A one-man dark electro project hailing from France. Continue Reading →
Blunt and in-your-face industrial with a unique sound. Continue Reading →
Dark melodic electro inspired by old-school heroes of EBM. Continue Reading →
Alter Der Ruine Synth Pop side project. Continue Reading →
Experimental music from label artists LIOB and KIFOTH. Continue Reading →
Old School EBM & authentic Dark Elektro mayhem. Continue Reading →
Gothic, Post-Punk and Darkwave from Australia. Continue Reading →
Two EBM executioners from Slovakia. Continue Reading →
Authentic dark Elektro pleasure. Continue Reading →
Raw power noise with IDM influences. Continue Reading →
Merciless and provocative Industrial. Continue Reading →
Psychedelic horror-industrial. Continue Reading →
Dark Elektro with IDM elements. Continue Reading →
Electro and Synth Pop with a rock twist. Continue Reading →
Complex Dark Elektro from Germany. Continue Reading →
Brutal rhythmic Noise from Germany. Continue Reading →
EBM and Darkwave with martial elements. Continue Reading →
Moscow-based duo of two famous Russian DJs. Continue Reading →
Synthetic Adrenaline Music. Continue Reading →
Dark industrial with trance influences. Continue Reading →
Swedish indie-post-punk-wave sensation. Continue Reading →
Harsh industrial from the Netherlands. Continue Reading →
Experimental electro with an occult theme. Continue Reading →
Raw and heavy old-school industrial. Continue Reading →
Crushing, danceable rhythmic noise. Continue Reading →
Industrial for hyperactive people. Continue Reading →