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About UsAbout The Label

Vendetta Music (the label) first emerged in 2007 and is only in its infancy as far as American and European dark music labels are concerned. Since 2007 Vendetta Music has already signed more than 20 artists with multiple releases, and is quickly emerging as a formidable and diverse dark electronic music label. While Vendetta Music has been around since 1997 as an online music site, the store front in Denver appeared in 2005. This is where the label was first envisioned by the store's sole proprietor Dave Vendetta. With the beginning of the label in 2007, came the close of the store in 2008. The internet uprooted the store; Vendetta Music was born at the same time music distribution completely changed. Against any sane advice the label forged ahead.

Vendetta Music expanded its role in 2008 and started the Vendetta Festival. In 2009, the Vendetta Festival was the only festival of its kind in the United States, and ran 3 days with over 40 bands and DJs from around the globe. 

Vendetta Music is aspiring to be much more than a traditional label. Its goals are bigger than that. Yes, there is a vendetta. Vendetta Music is tired of a club culture which owes its existence to music, not knowing or caring for the very music that allows it to exist. In the future you will see Vendetta Music go farther, beyond just being a label, with the ultimate goal to put the music back in the heart of our dark culture. Vendetta Music is a house of Industrial, but it's a house with many different rooms to explore.

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Sorry, but we are not accepting demos at this time.

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You can purchase Vendetta Music releases directly from us by visiting our online shop or from a handful of trusted distributors and online retailers. Additionally, you have the option of purchasing digital files which you can download instantly after purchase. Visit the Vendetta Music Shop →


NAIL DistributionNorth America

A division of Allegro Media Group, NAIL Distribution is Vendetta Music's North American distributor, delivering the best in independent rock, punk, electronic, experimental, metal, and every hybrid sub-genre imaginable. Visit Website →


Audioglobe Distribution Vendetta Music's European distributor. Headquartered in Italy, Audioglobe is one of the leading European record distributors with over 200 exclusive labels that offer a very wide spectrum of different genres. Visit Website →


Hard Copy RetailersPurchase hard copies via mail-order

You can purchase hard copies directly from Vendetta Music with Paypal or from these trusted online retailers:

Digital RetailersPurchase online and download instantly

You can also purchase digital files and download your music instantly from these trusted online retailers:

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