E-Craft's brand new 2 CD album, Re-Arrested [ North American Edition ] now available!



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F.A.Q.Your Questions Answered

Find answers to your most common questions here. Feel free to ask us a question that isn't answered here by filling out the comment form at the bottom of the page.

What is your demo policy?

Please send us a CD-R with at least 4 tracks on it. Be sure to include your email address and band name on the CD-R. Please also include a short bio, press photos, and your contact information. All demos will be listened to. It will not be returned. You will be contacted if we are interested.

Where can I buy your music?

There are a number of places where you can purchase our music. Please see our Where and how to buy music page for full details.

Where can I download band photos and logos?

If you are a club owner, promoter, designer, etc. and need access to high-resolution promotional photos and band logos in formats suitable for print, you can download them in the official Press Room. You can also download band bios in .txt format and press kit materials if available. Whenever possible, please credit the photographer.

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