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Punto OmegaEBM and Darkwave with martial elements.

Left to right: Pilgrim and Viator

2002 - Origins: Punto Omega was founded in 2002 in Buenos Aires, Argentina after Pilgrim (programming, vocals and concepts) and Viator (lyrics and concepts) who worked together in other musical projects before, decided to form a band of their own combining EBM and Darkwave with orchestral and martial elements. They started to compose new songs and when the first demo tracks were finished they had the chance to include them in an argentinian electro compilation CD where the name Punto Omega appeared officially for the first time.

2003 - Contract and first remixes: Thomas Rainer (singer and composer for the austrian band L..âme Immortelle) also listened to the demos (which were available for download from Punto Omega's website) and introduced the band to the Trisol Music Group label, who signed Punto Omega soon thereafter. Now equipped with a record contract, Punto Omega started to work on what would become their first album and remixed several bands like The Retrosic (Germany), Z Prochek (Sweden), Project X (Sweden), Brüderschaft and L..âme Immortelle (Austria). Some of these remixes and their song titled "Punto Omega" were published in Europe for the first time on the "DJ Revelation 1" Compilation.

2004 - First album: On February 13th, 2004 their debut album titled "Punto Omega" was released worldwide as a stunning double CD digipak edition by Trisol Music Group including remixes by bands such as L'âme Immortelle (Austria), Angels & Agony (Holland), Lights of Euphoria (Germany), The Retrosic (Germany), Grendel (Holland), Run Level Zero (Sweden), Davantage (Germany), Sero Overdose (Germany), Jesus Complex (Holland), Nuclear Noise (Argentina), and the collaborations on guest vocals by Thomas Rainer (L'âme Immortelle) and Claus Bita (Cenobita) getting raving reviews in all major electro/gothic magazines and entitled as "Newcomer of the Month" in Orkus, Sonic Seducer and Zillo (the 3 biggest alternative music magazines in germany).

In june of the same year, the album was sold out. Because of this Trisol Music Group decided to re-release it, but this time without the bonus remix CD. This album was also released by North America..s leading Electro/Dark music label Metropolis Records (Apoptygma Berzerk, Front Line Assembly, Juno Reactor, KMFDM, Peter Murphy, etc.) for their territories.

2005 - Collaborations and more remixes: Through 2005 Punto Omega worked on remixes for Aiboforcen (Belgium), Dope Stars Inc. (Italy), Kirlian Camera (Italy), ASP (Germany) and composed an exclusive track titled "Sawtooth" which was included in the movie score for the film "SAW II" written by Charlie Clouser (Nine Inch Nails, Rob Zombie, Rammstein, Marilyn Manson). Pilgrim made a guest vocalist appearance in the song "You Are" by the german band Lights of Euphoria. Also in this year the band started to write for their next album.

2006 - Second album and first tour: In 2006 Punto Omega recorded their second album titled "Nostalgias del Origen", which was released by Trisol Music Group on December 4th in a luxurious limited edition of 2CDs in an A5 digipak with a 28 pages booklet and including remixes by bands as Funker Vogt (Germany), Dope Stars Inc. (Italy), Samsas Traum (Germany), Heimataerde (Germany), Metallspürhunde (Switzerland) and more. It also features the collaboration on guest vocals by Elena Fossi (Kirlian Camera) and Iván Muñoz (Hopeless) among others. This edition also includes a video with an interview and making of the album. "Nostalgias del Origen" got excellent reviews worlwide.

In December, 2006 Punto Omega presented their live show for the first time touring Germany and Austria as L'Âme Immortelle's special guests playing in 14 german cities and in Viena, Austria. The tour was a big success and left many opened doors for the near future.

2007 - First tour as main band & Wave Gotik Treffen festival: 2007 was a very important year for Punto Omega. The band made the first tour on their own playing in Chile, Spain, Germany, Denmark and Sweden including the world famous Wave Gotik Treffen festival becoming the first electro band from Argentina to play there.

2008/2009 - Third album: After a succesful and inspiring 2007, 2008 was dedicated to write and record the new album which is already finished and about to be released on January 16th 2009. The band also made a remix for the austrian industrial act Nachtmahr and appeared on the european version of the blockbuster SAW4 Movie Soundtrack. The band is currently preparing for their future live shows.


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