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Grand ChaosOld School EBM & authentic Dark Elektro mayhem.

Main member Tcheleskov Ivanovitch

The musical beginning of Tcheleskov Ivanovitch dates back to the eighties. 
At that time, Trevosky created the group IDLO. During more than then years, they officiated in a kind of powerful electronic music, placing the emphasis on the music and the visual aspect. Therefore, their gigs were realized (Maxi 45t, cassettes, compilations,...). When IDLO stopped their activities, Tcheleskov took the opportunity to create Grandchaos, a solo project which allowed him to explore other horizons.

A first CD named "pèlerin" came out in 2000 . various atmospheres were're evoked by means of elementary electro. Some people called it "drum'n'bass", others experienced it as classical body music whereas some saw it as original soundtracks of an imaginary film. Three years afterwards , Grandchaos came back with a five tracks CD titled "la forge". The register was still as electronic but with a new element, i.e. Tcheleskov's voice haunted the songs. This effect increased the impression of indifferent melancholy/gloom freeing itself from the music as a whole.

In 2004, for his third CD "Ionize me", Tcheleskov has integrated techno drums in his minimal electro nearby the origins. 
The result was perceived : cold violence on a background of bpms. "Ionize me" told us about the human condition : alienation, hatred, pain, melancholy and loneliness...

Tcheleskov revealed his feelings. He told strange little stories where the human finds himself in small rooms, spaces where the little voice in the head becomes torture. A world without marks, finally a world very similar to ours. The hell is on the earth and it's not the strange feeling who emanates from "ionize me" who will contradict us! December 2007 : after a few mini albums and a double CD with remixes, which was released in 2006 on the American label Vendetta records. "Open source" can be considered as the first real album of the project. Mastering by Geert de Wilde of IC434. 
14 electro tracks with cold and dark ambiences; the tiny voice in the head has still a lot of things to say and won't shut up... 
"Open source" was massively handed out during the BIM 2007, 300 people got the album!

Olivier T., already involved within Gandchaos for the live performances, video projection and numerous remixes, became now officialy a part of the project. The next Grandchaos album will be done in total collaboration with him. Olivier T. is not a newcomer on the electro scene because he was already active with his two projects (Opale with Scal...et Metamorphose) sinds 2000. Now, he do most of his remixs under the name of Atopic. For example : TAT, Matières et Mémoire, Void Kampf, Muckrackers, Foretaste, IDLO and Grandchaos.



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