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The Technocratic Deception

Daring Young Musicians, Destroying Your Misconceptions! The second full-length studio-album!

After two towering releases on NoiTekk/COP International and a slew of outstanding and outlandish remixes for DWA, innovative Canadian electronic duo DYM finally unleash their second full-length “The Technocratic Deception”.

Illustrated by Arc and mastered by Kolja Trelle (SOMAN) for maximum bass, with “The Technocratic Deception” DYM show themselves to be no robots in disguise following any scene-formula – rather they prove once again that the only agenda they adhere to is their own, making industrial sounds that truly stand out from the crowd.

Featuring club-friendly cuts like “Let Your Blood Run Dry”, the hauntingly mournful “Glass Catfish” and brilliantly-deployed guest vocal appearances from IT-CLINGS and CHIASM, “The Technocratic Deception” is deceptively immediate yet richly rewarding on repeated playback...as the listener uncovers layer upon layer of intriguing production, track after track of seemingly infinite variety.

Always at the cutting edge of the electro-industrial scene, with “The Technocratic Deception” DYM demonstrate a depth of talent and technique and a diversity of songwriting ability that should deservedly propel them to even-wider international recognition.

Another first-class electronic act and album. This North American Edition on Vendetta Music includes 5 exclusive* remixes.

Track List:

  1. The End

  2. Let Your Blood Run Dry

  3. NWO

  4. Bring Me Down (feat. IT-CLINGS)

  5. Rapture

  6. Tumor - Type 2

  7. Slave

  8. Techno Dēceptō

  9. What If (feat. CHIASM)

  10. Bit Conspiracy

  11. Glass Catfish

  12. The End (CYGNOSIC Remix)*

  13. Rapture (FRACTURED Remix)*

  14. Slave (FGFC820 Remix)*

  15. Glass Catfish (NITRO/NOISE Remix)*

  16. Swarm (MAS-SI-OSARE Remix)

* Exclusive Bonus Tracks

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