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The Black Album

The Black Album is the third full length release from the Swedish indie-post-punk-wave sensation, The Exploding Boy. The Exploding Boy is one of the most talked about Swedish alternative pop/rock bands in Europe, where the band got amazing reviews for their previous album Afterglow (2009). The band followed up the release of Afterglow with more than 30 live shows in Germany alone. The singles "London", "Heart Of Glass," and "40 Days" from the above mentioned album, all climbed up to the top 10 on the official German alternative chart (DAC). The album was voted "Album of the Year" in the Belgian magazine Dark Entries, and Swedish magazine Zero called it "the best album of the year within the genre." It also landed on the top 10 lists in the "Best of the Year" reader’s poll in several alternative magazines. The Exploding Boy is often compared with newer bands like Interpol, Editors, and The Mary Onettes, but also with classic bands like The Cure or Joy Division.

Vendetta Music is proud to introduce The Exploding Boy to North America with the release of The Black Album. With original mix of genres and melodies, this album will once again achieve greatness as it's predecessor has with tracks like "40 Days,"Torn" and "London". These "honored guests" of last years Gothic Festival in Waregem, are sure to please many dark alternative and post-punk fans.

This North American Version includes the Afterglow Club EP as bonus tracks!

Track List:

  1. Human

  2. I Am Truth

  3. Torn

  4. Dark City

  5. Loneliness

  6. Sweet Little

  7. Lies

  8. Talking Back

  9. Get Out Of My Head

  10. Here Comes The Rain

  11. The Man

  12. Heart Of Glass (Single Version)*

  13. London*

  14. 40 Days*

  15. The Right Spot*

*Bonus Tracks

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