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Spit The Poison Out

Spit The Poison Out is the new album from the Spanish dark electro sensation! North American Edition featuring exclusive remixes from SIN D.N.A., INCUBITE and TECHNOLORGY!

Lauded by the likes of GRENDEL, NACHTMAHR, SOMAN and REAPER on its release, Spanish duo TERROLOKAUST’s 2011 album “God Loves The Violence” justifiably generated rave reviews and catapulted the band to prominence in the electro-industrial scene.

A quantum-leap in songwriting and production compared to the band’s 2006 debut “Gas”, “God Loves The Violence” was built on simple, powerful programming, topped with expressive and versatile vocals - an album of melodic beauty and passion containing a rich variety of sounds, and one made with an obvious appreciation of both electronica and alternative rock.

Topping such an accomplished sophomore effort always seemed likely to prove difficult – especially while maintaining a high public profile playing shows like Wave Gotik Treffen, Summer Darkness, Vampire Party Live and Revolution in Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands, The UK, Greece and Spain alongside COMBICHRIST, NACHTMAHR, AESTHETIC PERFECTION, GRENDEL, MODULATE, SOMAN, FADERHEAD, STRAFTANZ, SIVA SIX, CYGNOSIC, PREEMPTIVE STRIKE 0.1.

But inside just 2 years, TERROLOKAUST have proved themselves more than equal to the challenge returning with another incredible album in the shape of “Spit The Poison Out”.

Again boasting a jaw-dropping production-quality and songwriting skill easily on the same level as major label acts, and ably assisted for this album by guest guitarist Ashes (STATIC-X), TERROLOKAUST once more walk the line between rock and electro with an assurance and accomplishment that others can only dare to dream of successfully carrying off.

Like “God Loves The Violence” illustrated by Vlad McNeally (KALLISTI:DESIGN), and mastered by Kolja Trelle (SOMAN), “Spit The Poison Out” is another epic masterpiece totally unlike the majority of music currently marketed as industrial – an album that demonstrates beyond any lingering doubts TERROLOKAUST to be a band with both durability and their own definitive sonic fingerprint.

Equally at home singing and writing exquisitely anguished lyrics in English or their native Spanish, as effortlessly in control of their own material like the stomping single “The Way It Must Be” or covering Korn’s “Falling Away From Me” and making it their own, TERROLOKAUST have become past masters at rocking out and bringing both the bass and beats.

Rounded out with a bonus section of remixes exclusively for the North American market from INCUBITE, SIN DNA and TECHNOLORGY, “Spit The Poison Out (North American Edition) comes in 4-panel digipak, and is unleashed May 14th.

Meanwhile, TERROLOKAUST prepare for a slew of major European shows in support of the album release – at 2 sold-out HOCICO shows in Spain, Resistanz Festival in the UK alongside CELLDWELLER, C-LEKKTOR, NEUROTICFISH, SEABOUND, ALTER DER RUINE, Nordstern and Nocturnal Culture Night festivals in Germany with IN STRICT CONFIDENCE, NOISUF-X, FROZEN PLASMA, HEIMATAERDE, DIARY OF DREAMS, ICON OF COIL, CAMOUFLAGE and ROTERSAND

Track List:

  1. The Poison

  2. Pointless

  3. Blood Starts To Leak

  4. Reasons

  5. The Way It Must Be

  6. Scars That Never Heal

  7. Reversing In Circles

  8. A Release From This

  9. Me Niego!

  10. Dwindling Hope

  11. Falling Away From Me

  12. 8am (S, D &

  13. M)

  14. Addicted

  15. Trapped Inside

  16. Reversing In Circles (SIN D.N.A. Remix)*

  17. The Way It Must Be (INCUBITE Remix)*

  18. Reasons (TECHNOLORGY Remix)*

* Exclusive Bonus Tracks

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