September 1, 2011 in All, Punto Omega

Noche Oscura Del Alma

The Argentinian electro heroes Punto Omega celebrate the dark night of the soul. In tormentingly fatalistic songs, delivered in aggressive Spanish, they follow the path of those upon the eternal search for truth and freedom. This path is lined with crises, conflict, humiliation and manipulation. Noche Oscura del Alma (The Dark Night of the Soul) is the moment of the absolute nadir, from which one emerges strengthened. Only afterwards is one able to find one's own true identity.

The music of the exotic dark electro duo is stamped through with this existentialism and deliberately confronts the gentle listener with a merciless strength: lashing, razor-sharp beats raining down, industrial-inspired noise, catchy keyboard passages and the demonic vocals create an unforgettable mixture which no fan of the genre will be able to resist. Punto Omega move between Hocico and :wumpscut: and the epic atmospherics of VNV Nation but yet offer more: a whole range of dancefloor—compatible hits and occasional hints of martial bombast and sinister atmospherics. Even neo-classical elements and acoustic guitars can be heard.

With their latest album Noche Oscura del Alma the new Latin American forerunners of hard electronic anthems set forth their dark philosophy, in which each true seeker may recognize themselves. Stirring electronics, every once in a while stamped with a dreadful coldness, but at the same time passionately and seductively monumental.

Track List:

  1. Mundo De Mentiras

  2. Fabricantes De Miedo

  3. Humanimal Planet

  4. Palabras Muertas

  5. Eterno Presente

  6. Inroitus

  7. Noche Oscura Del Alma

  8. Camino A La Unidad

  9. Todos Somos Uno

  10. Promesas Lejanas

  11. Suenos Inducidos

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