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May 8, 201311 years ago

Terrolokaust Spit The Poison Out Pre-Order

Terrolokaust's new album Spit The Poison Out is now available for pre-order!

Spit The Poison Out is the new album from the Spanish dark electro sensation! North American Edition featuring exclusive remixes from SIN D.N.A., INCUBITE and TECHNOLORGY!

Lauded by the likes of GRENDEL, NACHTMAHR, SOMAN and REAPER on its release, Spanish duo TERROLOKAUST’s 2011 album “God Loves The Violence” justifiably generated rave reviews and catapulted the band to prominence in the electro-industrial scene.

A quantum-leap in songwriting and production compared to the band’s 2006 debut “Gas”, “God Loves The Violence” was built on simple, powerful programming, topped with expressive and versatile vocals - an album of melodic beauty and passion containing a rich variety of sounds, and one made with an obvious appreciation of both electronica and alternative rock.

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