September 9, 2011 Posted by Vendetta Music in Dead Hand Projekt, Digital, News

Dead Hand Projekt Horror EP Now Available

Dead Hand Projekt's Horror EP is now available for instant download from iTunes, Amazon MP3 and all other major digital distributors!

Dead Hand Projekt's second release is a digital EP based on the title track 'Horror' which debuted on their self-titled album. Horror includes 4 tracks in total (1 being a remix of 'Dejected' by Imperative Reaction, as well as 2 new tracks. Available from iTunes, Amazon MP3, FiXT and Beatport.

“Overall, Dead Hand Projekt is still pushing its way into the scene and fucking up anyone that gets in their way. This EP is a must have for any EBM/Industrial lover, if not just for the “Dejected” remix by Imperative Reaction.”

Amy Reynolds Coma Music Magazine
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