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XotoxIndustrial for hyperactive people.

Andreas Davids of Xotox

1998: Xotox was founded as a solo-project by Andreas Davids. The Xotox-sound is adequately described by himself as "industrial for hyperactive people". The albums "Stueckgut", "Epos" and "Monolith" developed a small cult following.

1999 – 2001: with the release of "disinhibition" xotox started performing live around germany, winning more fans and attracting media attention for the first time. the following albums "normalzustand: angst" and "rhythm of fear (live in jena)" got a variety of great reviews.

2002: "silberfieber" and "nothing" were released featuring the hits "eisenkiller", "nothing", "null" and "zweischicht", which went on heavy rotation in many clubs in germany. both releases had this success resulted in xotox being picked up by industrial label pronoize, which in turn led to xotox getting a much higher profile in part through their contributions to high profile compilations put together by the German scene magazin Orkus.

2003: the first album on pronoize was released - "lichtlos" managed to establish itself on nearly every german dancefloor. "Eisenkiller" became the club anthem of winter 2003/04 and "lichtlos" the benchmark album. for the very first time an industrial-act managed to reach number 1 in the german alternative charts (dac) and held on to the top spot for several weeks.

2004: "die unruhe" was released and contained 15 new tracks, including the clubhits "nasse waende" and "mechanische unruhe" as well as several remixes. "die unruhe" sold out before the actual release date just on account of the pre-orders.

2005: "[psi]" was released as a jewel-case-edition and as a special limited double-cd-edition in a digipack. "[psi]" reached pos. 2 in the german alternative charts (dac).

2006: xotox released the first live-album called "dokumentation 1: ton" (limited to 1000 pcs.).

2008: "in den zehn morgen" was released. the album contains many club-hits, such as "ewig", "habitat", "grob fahrlaessig" or "keine ruhe vor dem sturm". "in den zehn morgen" was released both in standard jewel-case format and as a limited box set, which contains the bonus cd "early recordings". the box set is strictly limited to 1000, each numbered by hand. "in den zehn morgen" reached number 1 in the german alternative charts (dac) and held on to the top spot for 6 weeks in a row and it reached also position 4 in the DAC "Top50 of the year 2008". „hyperactive – the best of“ was released as an exclusive north-america-release by vendetta music (under licence of pronoize). this release contains all clubhits and 2 previously unreleased tracks.

2009: the split-ep "we are deaf" with detune-x was released in september on the italian label rustblade as a guest appearance and by courtesy of pronoize. "we are deaf" was released as a standard jewel-case version and as a limited box set.

2010: "die unruhe 2.0“ was released on march, 19th as a re-release of „die unruhe“ wich was originally released in 2004. „die unruhe 2.0“ contains all original tracks plus two previously unreleased tracks with „you can..t hurt me“ and „the punisher“, which stem from the same session. This release is adequately announced as „the return of the original... often imitated but never equalled!"

Andreas is also a sought-after DJ in the electro, industrial and noise scene.

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