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Neon Cage ExperimentDark Elektro with IDM elements and gloomy atmospheres.

Neon Cage Experiment performing live

In 1993, Nico R. and Bruno L. started making music under the name Axonal Warfare. Heavily inspired by the Canadian electro-industrial maestros, Frontline Assembly, Skinny Puppy and Numb, the duo somehow managed to create a buzz in the European alternative electronic scene and toured extensively with fellow French industrial act (albeit very different stylistically) Stigma. A long term friendship ensued between Nico and Laurent K. (Stigma).

Stigma released their official debut Putrefaction Taste on Daft Records in 1995, followed by Structures of Chaos Ltd (1995) and Inhumanity (Ant-Zen, 1996), and Axonal Warfare got signed to the now defunct legendary label, Khazad Dum. Their debut Stasis Interrupted and its companion EP 'Dead Time' (1996) received encouraging reviews, but CCP/Khazad Dum was on the brink of collapse and failed to promote its latest releases. Disgruntled over the lack of effective marketing strategies, Axonal Warfare regrettably called it quits in early 1997, and surprisingly Stigma followed suit a few months later.

In 2003, Nico met Yoann B at a party and realized that they both share, pretty much, the same musical taste. The newly-formed duo began composing music under the name AW4, and they were soon joined by Laurent K. who performed vocals on some tunes. Bruno L. was very impressed with the trios immense musical potential and decided to come on board. Subsequently, the quartet changed its name to Neon Cage Experiment. The band's demo debut, Specific Gravity featured an eclectic mixture of IDM, infectious beats and harmonious melodies, and received overwhelmingly positive reviews.

Neon Cage Experiment started touring with the likes of Synapscape, Asche, Hocico and Collection d'Arnell-Andrea. In late 2004, the band released their official debut Oscillation on Cortex Records. The album was hailed by the popular French gothic/electro magazine Elegy as a remarkable return to the true sound of electro.

In Jan 2008, Vendetta Music released the band's long-awaited sophomore album titled Material & Methods. The heavy grooves of 'Aman' and 'Shadow of Words' will take you to the dreamy landscapes of Neon Cage Experiment, and make you succumb to a breathtaking sonic experience! Last but not least, the 76-min electro masterpiece concludes with an ecstatic Haujobb remix of 'Puppy'.



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