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NecrotekPsychedelic horror-industrial.


James Geist's first musical endeavor was the death industrial/dark ambient project Nitrous Flesh in 2001. Having self-released one cd and two cdrs on the DIY Tantric Terror label in 2003, Nitrous Flesh garnered some positive reviews and recognition in the international occult dark ambient/death industrial community. Nitrous Flesh has continued to produce music over the past few years including a collaboration with death industrial icon Melek-Tha, and a track contributed to the 3-CD international dark ambient compilation Le Mal Dominant: Industrial Music for Black Masses.

Focusing on the more rhythmic and electronic forms of industrial, Necrotek was created in 2005. Influenced by old-school industrial artists such as Skinny Puppy, Putrefy Factor 7, YelworC, Front Line Assembly, Synapscape, Dive, Portion Control, Sleep Chamber, early Thrill Kill Kult, and others, Necrotek represents a hybrid of various styles while developing a singular and characteristic dark industrial sound.

With the first self-released demo cdr in June 2006, Necrotek quickly became recognized as a potent new musical force. Two tracks from the first demo ended up on major industrial compilations: the track 'Wish You Dead (First Cut)' on Interbreeding VIII: Elements of Violence from BLC Music, and the track 'Spectre' on Endzeit Bunkertracks Act II from Alfa-Matrix.

Menschenfeind on Vendetta Music is Necrotek's first full-length cd, released in March 2009. It represents a strong development in complexity and style from the first demo, blending old-school industrial elements with cyber-tek electronics to create an intense and uncompromising album. Menschenfeind is an indictment of the species, a vitriolic invective against the decline of humanity. With topics ranging from personal to political, it condemns the failures of mankind and explores the process of degradation and decline, in both individual life and as a social creature on the world stage.[/dcs_] Continuing with these themes is the None More Black digital EP, released on Vendetta Music in December 2009.



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