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Dead Turns AliveDark melodic electro inspired by old-school heroes of EBM.

Dead Turns Alive performing live

1993 - Micha starts to do music with his first drumcomputer (Korg DDD1) and sampler (Roland S-10). This equipment is later completed by an Atari ST1040 and a Korg 05R/W sound module and some guitar effects.

1994 - Micha starts to play keyboards in a guitar-wave band called ‘Vincent Price’. Unfortunately this Band breaks up a couple of months later.

1995 - ‘False Positive’ is Micha’s first project; covering noisy industrial sound. Soundsamples can be found here later. Maybe there will be a special CD with Micha’s early works released later on. Back then Micha experimented a lot with different styles from industrial to neofolk to get experience in producing music using pseudonyms like ‘Drop Dead’, ‘Elenium’ and ‘Cherish Obey’.

1998 - In february 1998 ‘dead turns alive’ is officially founded and Micha begins to work on the first songs yet without the aim of releasing an album. The first dead turns alive song ever is ‘Thrillseekers 1.0’. In september 1998 the first live-performance of dead turns alive takes place in Bremen/Germany at a location called ‘Alter Schlachthof’.

1999 - In late 1999 the first CD is released. It’s a 3-track Maxisingle limited to 300 copies, containing songs that are also released on the first album later. Micha starts working on the first fulltime release now.

Dead turns alive is back! After years of silence the long awaited album Maelstrom is finally available. The new longplayer contains a mix of rough edge industrial, melodic synthpop and hammering beats. Serving fans of melodic atmospheric synthpop with hightlights like 'The Serpent's Chant' or 'Fading Away', and pleasing hardcore industrial clubbers with songs like 'Love Is Lost' or 'S.I.N.', it surely covers a wide range of dark electronic music, inspired by the old school heroes of EBM and Industrial. In addition to that, Maelstrom contains four excellent remixes by BAK XIII, Brain Leisure, November Process and Revolution State.


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